Eye Drop Direct Mail Campaign

Direct marketing connects with customers in a targeted, attention-getting way that also delivers a compelling message. To accomplish this effectively, you have to come up with unique, fun ideas—ideas that are even a little crazy.
In all my direct mail projects, I try to strike a balance of being entertaining and informative. If you’re reading a direct mail piece and laughing your head off in ways that excite you, I’ve succeeded in getting your attention. But if I can also deliver a relevant message that inspires action, ah… that’s the magic—then the piece has succeeded in delivering this essential balance.

Manufacturing Execution System Software Postcard and Sterilization Systems Pull Out Mailer

Fall Eye Allergies Direct Mail Campaign

Maintenance Software Users' Conference Direct Mail Campaign

Dimensional Direct Mail to promote Mobile App to eye care technicians and Brochure with Inserts for eye care physicians 

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