The Rx Club Awarded New Product Launch Campaign

This campaign launched a new ocular nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that controls inflammation after cataract surgery. The challenge was to show the ketorolac molecule’s history of excellence without looking “old” or “traditional,” conveying incremental improvement without devaluing the product’s previous formulations.
The solution: show the progress of refinement that takes place in the diamond industry, from uncut stone to final, polished gem, as a metaphor for the evolution of the product.
This is the fourth formulation of ketorolac introduced to eye care practitioners—by far the most advanced. This concept suggests that each new formulation has improved, leading to the final diamond—polished to perfection. The glossy diamonds featured in the design were inspired by the look and feel of high-end jewelry collections like Cartier, De Beers and Piaget. The art communicates that this is a quality product, using the smooth edges of the polished diamond to suggest surgical precision.
Print ad for healthcare audience

Print and Digital Visual Aid

Dimensional Direct Mailer

Outdoor Advertisement (San Francisco Cable Car and Taxi Top Ads) 

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