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Interactive advertising is a great way to directly engage healthcare practitioners and consumers because it’s more hands-on than traditional advertising. It can get personal in ways that marketers haven’t been able to do before. I strive for this personalized engagement because I know it can lead to greater satisfaction and encourage customers to share their positive experiences.
Here are some examples of interactive, online and digital projects developed for different eye care brands for healthcare professionals and consumers. These materials are in depth, yet very user friendly.

Allergy Eye Drop Digital Sales Aid and Healthcare Professional E-blast

Unique social media campaign at Millennial Eye Live 2015 attracted up and coming eye care, skin care and facial aesthetics HCPs to attend live injection seminar, to take selfies at the booth, and to twit potentially reaching 14.2K in the Twittersphere.

Mobile App, Digital Newsletter and Landing Page for Eye Care Technicians Website

Ophthalmic Solution Digital Sales Aid

An Ophthalmic Emulsion Mobile App and Digital Sales Aid

Interactive Corporate Video  Ad

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